The Finer Points of Tax Law

At LWA, we pay specialized attention to small details. Every day there are cases before the courts, arguing over the finer points of tax law. The results of these can be useful additions to the body of knowledge we use to determine Read More

Return of BC’s GST and PST

The BC HST Referendum results are in – and the HST is on its way out. The deadline was extended from July 22 to Aug 5 as the postal strike in June caused delays in voters receiving their ballots. The final count revealed Read More

To HST or not to HST? That is BC’s question.

BC HST Referendum Ballots are being mailed out by Elections BC, beginning June 13, 2011. The deadline is July 22, 2011. The referendum question will be: “Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) Read More

Recovery window shrinks in BC

Today, BC’s Minister of Finance announced changes to the taxation legislation administered by the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue. What does this mean to organizations in BC? To recover taxes overpaid between May 1, 2001 and May 1, 2003, you must Read More

LWA celebrates: 30 years and ‘accounting’

Luckett Wenman celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, in 2011. It has been quite a journey. When we started in 1981, computers were not commonplace in the office, as they are now. Reviews were done by hand and records were all on Read More