The Finer Points of Tax Law

At LWA, we pay specialized attention to small details. Every day there are cases before the courts, arguing over the finer points of tax law. The results of these can be useful additions to the body of knowledge we use to determine what refunds a specific organization is eligible for. We strive to stay up-to-date regarding any new sections in the Excise Tax Act as well as technical amendments to definitions, related provisions, regulations and forms. This is a constantly changing field, requiring analysis and understanding of obscure technical aspects of statutes, schedules, regulations, policies, etc. For example, we have a subscription to the Canada GST Service. This highly technical and voluminous series is not light reading. It is the leading reference work on Canada’s Goods and Services Tax, with fifteen volumes that are updated 24 times per year.

Changes that could affect your organization could be found anywhere in the pages and pages of amendments. We have access to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Policy Database, which includes Policy Papers and Draft Policy Papers used by CRA auditors and assessors. Most if not all of our clients are concerned about triggering an audit. We are fully aware of this and take care to look at the whole picture, including liabilities, to determine what is in each client’s best interest. In short, YOU are our client, and our mandate is to maximize the overall benefit to our clients.