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Founded in 1981, LWA has a history of excellence in recovering overpaid and under-claimed taxes. Four decades later, LWA has successfully recovered significant amounts of money for our clients with operations across Canada.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it is nearly impossible for organizations to keep up with ongoing policy and regulation changes, so LWA has mastered the complex area of tax exemptions to help you succeed in your business. The LWA family is always ready to work with you and increase your bottom line.

What we do

We recover money for organizations in the form of overpaid and underclaimed taxes.

We do this with expert interpretation of tax legislation, specifically commodity tax law, in relation to an organization’s particular operations.

Each case is unique, and much of what we capture is an “exception to the rule”.


Harmonized Sales Tax


Goods and Services Tax


Provincial Sales Tax


Customs Duties


Supplier Over-Charges


Fuel Taxes

Benefits of a Review

With over four decades in the business we have developed tax law concepts and approaches to find money you did not know you were owed. Here are some benefits our clients enjoy:

High ROI

When you consider return on staff time, this might be the most fantastic Return on Investment available.

Increase Your Bottom Line

We have a success rate of recovering money for 97% of our clients since 1981.

Improve your Operations

We will assess any system deficiencies you may have and teach you our findings.

No Risk

We work on a percentage basis, which means we generate the money you pay us.


years of experience


clients & partners

+$100 million

dollars recovered


“We would definitely recommend LWA to any company that was considering having a tax audit.

They recovered monies for us that would never have been recovered. Their consultants were very knowledgeable, efficient and knew exactly what they were looking for.”

Ash Grove Cement Company

Joanne Riddell, Office Manager

“I was pleasantly surprised with the patient, timely, respectful & professional services they provided to Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd in respect of the PST and GST audit for 5 years. I wish I received this kind of Customer Service in all aspects of dealing with the service industry.

I am sure they are one of the best in their field of expertise and they provided great value for their services. The style of their work was pleasant, friendly and very courteous with a minimum disruption to our office personnel.”

Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd.

Vanita Balgi, Cost Accountant

COVID-19 Disruption = Tax Opportunities

No one expected business and life to be so radically changed in 2020. We are lucky here in Canada, but that doesn’t mean it has been easy. While we all struggle to adapt, we at LWA can’t help but notice the silver lining to these changes – additional tax recovery opportunities for many Canadian organizations! […]

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