Private Sector

LWA has served companies in the private sector for over 4 decades and we understand the challenges facing different industries. We have developed and crafted tax law concepts and approaches specific to each province, in order to help organizations in each jurisdiction where they conduct their operations. This includes companies headquartered outside of Canada, that have operations anywhere in Canada. We are thorough, confidential and professional in all of our reviews.

As a result, we have a success rate unheard-of in the market: Since 1981, we have successfully recovered substantial amounts of money for 97% of our clients. Our clients are in industry sectors including: mining, construction, energy, manufacturing and technology. We’ll assess, based on your type of operations and location(s), if we can help you.

We have saved millions of dollars for our private sector clients. We are confident LWA offers the best Return on Investment available in the industry. When our clients invest a small amount of staff time, the money we find for you usually dwarfs any other investment you could make today.

In today’s competitive market, a no-risk venture that increases your bottom line and improves your operations is something to take advantage of.

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