How It Works

We recover money for organizations in the form of overpaid and underclaimed taxes.

We do not duplicate an organization’s accounting service or department.

We uncover the hidden, obscure, and often small items – and these add up quickly.

We are only paid out of the funds we generate for our clients.

With more than 40 years in the business we have developed tax law concepts and approaches to find money you did not know you were owed. We do this by interpreting tax legislation, specifically commodity tax law, in relation to each organization’s particular operations. Every case is unique, and much of what we capture are the “exceptions to the rule”.

It is very rare that we find nothing. Even if your accounting team is doing everything right – we focus on finding the little holes that leak money. After a review by us, moving forward, your finance team can take advantage of this knowledge and you secure 100% of the future savings.

Think of it like this – your GP refers you to a specialist when needed. The scope of the general practitioner is complex and broad, like accountants and auditors, while the specialist focuses on a detailed area. We are tax recovery specialists, and have been since 1981.

How We Get Paid

Our fee works on a percentage basis, meaning we generate the cash from which we are paid. There is no risk or hidden charges. All of our expenses are paid by us, out of our share. In the rare case that we find nothing, you simply owe us nothing – while you gain peace of mind that you are not missing any of your money. But it is really rare that we find nothing – we have calculated that we find money at 97% of the clients we visit.

Yes, Tax Law Affects Your Organization

Did you know there are approximately 24 annual changes in the provincial and federal sales tax systems? These directly affect most businesses and public organizations across Canada. It is impossible to know how much unless a thorough review is done. And the tricky part is that there is a time limit on recovering this money. The government allows us to go back as far as 4 years for most taxes, less for others. After that, your money is theirs!

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