Highlights of Success

We choose our clients carefully, since the goal is to find recoverable taxes – and we assume the risk if we recover nothing.

As a result of our selection process, our rate of success is high: in 97% of our reviews we recovered substantial amounts of money for our clients.

Our excellence in tax recovery and professionalism has kept clients with us for more than 40 years. Thousands of clients continue to benefit from our specialized Tax Recovery services.

Here are just a few examples:

Essentially, the more an organization spends, the more hidden recoveries we find. Just completed a project? Now is a good time to engage us for a review.

The LWA team is comprised of some of the most talented tax recovery experts in Canada. A variety of organizations are helped by our specialized expertise. We combine our own analytical tax techniques and approaches with our professional commitment towards our clients in order to achieve outstanding results.

When one of our competitors in the tax recovery industry retired, they referred their clients to us. We were honoured to be chosen, but not surprised – we have the reputation of being trustworthy, creative and capable.

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