You Can’t Help Me

Yes, yes we can.

When we talk to organizations who have never had us do our LWA version of a commodity tax review, the most common thing we hear is ‘You won’t find much here’.

If we are offering to help you, then we are pretty sure we will find you money. Honestly, we don’t want to waste our time either. Since we are only paid when we find money, it is simply good business to get this as right as possible.

And 95% of the time we agree to take on a client we recover significant amounts of money. Usually in the cases where we find not so much, we and the client knew it was a long shot and we agreed together to give it a go.

One recent example helped make this point for us. A large private business was so sure we’d find nothing they wanted to make a bet. The wager was that if we found less than $5000, they would keep all the money we recovered. No problem! We took the bet. And not to crow about it…but we won. We recovered that amount of money many times over.

It doesn’t hurt to ask. But the taxes your organization could be leaking definitely would hurt your bottom line. Plug those leaks as soon as possible!