Social Service Tax Audits no more

The BC Ministry of Finance is winding down tax audits under the Social Service Tax Act.  The audits already in progress will continue, of course, but soon there will be no more.

Audit is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of even the most honest among us. Most organizations dislike having an audit, whether for the amount of staff time it consumes, or the possibility that an error will be caught and unpleasant consequences will follow.  And let’s face it, mistakes are bound to happen.

If you are facing an audit or just had one done, we  can help. A retroactive review of specific areas that are often hidden from regular accounting may help lessen the dread of hearing the auditor’s footsteps at your door.  As well, we can help you identify ways to improve your procedures and methodologies going forward.

Visit the Ministry of Finance website for more information.