LWA celebrates: 30 years and ‘accounting’

Luckett Wenman celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, in 2011. It has been quite a journey. When we started in 1981, computers were not commonplace in the office, as they are now. Reviews were done by hand and records were all on paper. Calculations were all done with “adding machines”, which printed the results on a paper tape. (Adding machines were a standard part of office equipment until they were phased out with the advent of the personal computer in the late 1980s).

We currently have eight consultants working with us across Canada, all extensively trained by us to understand how to apply our specific concepts and knowledge. While the taxes have changed over the years, the complexity has not diminished. So we confidently assert that if there is money to be found, we will find it. The total years of experience held by our consultants is approaching 80 years. This is a narrow field; we provide a layer of specialization that compliments both in-house and outsourced accounting.