At LWA we have adapted well to the changes to business and life brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. After 40 years of operations we have adapted to the many changes in tax legislation and technology but the global pandemic that began in 2020 was a rapid shift that was unexpected and significant.

We are now accustomed to our new normal, and committed to the safety of our staff and clients as always. We recognize that individual situations do vary and are happy to accommodate each client’s preferences.

Site visits have long been a regular part of our operations – we can see firsthand the operations of our clients, which can impact the interpretation of tax legislation. Site visits traditionally have enabled us to review the actual invoices for clues to recovery opportunities. In recent years, many organizations have moved to digital documents, and this has increased the opportunities for LWA to complete a virtual review in order to identify overpaid and under-claimed taxes.

This move to digitization accelerated in March 2020 with the onset of the public health restrictions limiting inter-office visits. We kept in step with advances of our own in technology and security. Prior to the pandemic, we had already been doing some remote work for clients that preferred it. LWA is now performing our services virtually at an increasing rate, as preferred by many clients.

Capturing the new opportunities has always been our approach – and there have been many changes and additional exemptions arising from government reactions to the pandemic. We are keen to apply these for our clients, and have been refining our approach to these new and emerging tax recovery opportunities.

We continue to do site visits, when appropriate. At all times, consultants follow safety guidelines in keeping with current public health guidelines.

The bottom line is this: more than ever, taxes can be recovered from the government for most Canadian organizations. Getting a refund from the government is a welcome boost to your bottom line. Contact us today to find out more.