Change is Hard

Whether you are an individual trying to change careers, or an organization who is trying to expand services, change is challenging. It takes time and energy and is often a journey of some uncertainty, which can be stressful.

The recent change in BC from HST back to PST/GST is a obvious change that has been loudly publicized. Most changes to tax legislation are not covered by media nor are they obvious in their scope. Even if you become aware of an exemption, it is often not a clear path to recovering that money. For us at LWA, our business exists because changes in tax legislation happen regularly.

My point here is this: Change consumes time and money in an organization – and even then, if it’s not your area of expertise, you might not get it quite right.

Change requires extra staff time – with tax changes this may mean updating operations, training staff, learning how to apply exemptions, adding the tasks needed to apply for things by deadlines – and that’s if you know about the exemptions you now need to apply.  It first takes some keen focus on monitoring changing legislation for an organization to be aware of ALL the exemptions your organization is entitled to.

It’s the specialist vs general practitioner analogy.  And in case you didn’t already know, LWA specializes in a narrow field of commodity tax exemptions for certain types of Canadian operations AND we teach you what we found and what to do about it. We’ll let you know if your organization meets our criteria for who we know we can help.