BC PST electricity tax refund

What happened to BC PST on electricity?

The Province of BC announced the removal of PST from electricity in 2019. They then set certain rules regarding the timing of the application of tax. As is often the case with such changes, there were some time lags in the implementation of this change. The impact on various sectors became clear and we added this concept to our approach.

As a result we have recovered 100s of thousands of dollars for our clients on this concept alone, over the last few years. They will be time barred starting in April 2023. We are working hard to get all claims in before our clients lose out on this opportunity.

In our 40 plus years in the industry of recovering overpaid and under-claimed taxes, we know that when the tax rules change, it takes some time for systems to be updated – even at the government side. The implications of this can be significant for the payee – and the opportunity to remedy it is almost always time-limited! Contact us today if your organization has large electricity bills – we can quickly assess whether you could benefit from our services.