Welcoming a new LWA Team Member to our Head Office

We recently welcomed to LWA our soon-to-be new office manager, Mary. She has been working closely with Jan, our soon-to-retire office manager, so that when the torch is passed, it is as seamless as possible. Mary brings excellent skills and we look Read More

Welcoming a new associate consultant to LWA

We are pleased to have Brian join our team – he brings a wealth of knowledge from his career at Revenue Canada as an auditor. He is looking forward to playing the ‘good guy’ and giving clients good news about all the Read More

HST gone. But not really.

It was April 1st, 2013 when the British Columbia government brought the Provincial Sales Tax back and ended its experiment with HST. Was it a cruel sense of humour or just coincidence that April Fool’s Day was chosen? We may never know. Read More

You Can’t Help Me

Yes, yes we can. When we talk to organizations who have never had us do our LWA version of a commodity tax review, the most common thing we hear is ‘You won’t find much here’. If we are offering to help you, Read More