The LWA Review Process

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But if you like details, like we do:

To begin, one of our review coordinators will explain the process to you and answer your questions. Our engagement letter details what will be reviewed, what we will require from you and an agreement guaranteeing that the results of our review will remain confidential. If your operations are complex, a meeting with one of our consultants may precede a review.

The review will be scheduled at your convenience and, unlike a government audit, very little time will be required from your staff. Our review process starts with a commitment on our end to be thorough, confidential and creative.

Behind the Scenes of the LWA review process:


Once we receive your Data File our team analyzes it with our own proprietary software to find any potential recoveries. This process enables us to be more efficient and require less of your time when performing the review at your organization.

Before our consultant goes to your organization to perform the review, he studies which legislation and laws affect your organization in order to maximize your recoveries. By analyzing your Data file and knowing the legislation that applies to your organization, the LWA team is able to offer the most fantastic ROI in the industry.

On-Site Review

LWA professional tax recovery experts work very effectively by themselves. Upon arriving at your location, they simply need to be pointed in the direction of the applicable files and a space to work, and they will begin the review.

During the review, the consultant may have a few questions, but they will generally save these up until the end, ensuring minimal interruption of you and your staff. 

At the end of our review we will go over any outstanding issues and indicate any areas in which we may require more information.


Once we have collected the information from your office site, we continue the work back at our offices. Here we use techniques and concepts to interpret tax laws in order to increase your bottom line.

Based on our knowledge and the data collected from your files, we prepare a detailed report identifying the areas where we found money available to you. Writing the report is one of the most important steps in the process because it is where we identify and organize supporting documents regarding any discrepancies in operations, and overpaid and underclaimed taxes.

Beyond the review, LWA is committed to assisting our clients in any problems they might have with tax authorities - from auditing to filing claims, we will always be there for you with our best advice. For many of our clients, the most important part of our review process is the identification of areas of oversight which you may claim in the future.