Benefits of a Review

High ROI

Based on our 35+ years of consistently finding recoveries, we can confidently say this: This is the most fantastic Return on Investment available. You have everything to gain by having us in to take a second look - not only will we likely get you a refund of taxes, but we will show how you how to implement changes going forward.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Although many business owners doubt they have overpaid their taxes, our success rate of recovering money for 97% of our clients since 1981 demonstrates the importance of using our expertise. You can't know what you don't know - and isn't it worth finding it out, when it means improving your bottom line?

Improve your Operations

Aside from recovering money for you, we can help you improve your operations. When reviewing your files we will also assess any system deficiencies you may have and teach you our findings. We keep up to date with new developments and can help you implement practical responses to changes in tax laws which affect your specific organization. Sometimes this means that our 2nd review won't capture the same recoveries, if you have applied our teachings to your operations. But with ongoing tax law changes, there are always new areas to address.

No Risk

LWA works on a percentage basis, which means we generate the money you pay us. We require very little of your time in the course of a review and, with nothing to lose and much to gain, our clients agree it is worth taking advantage of our professional and streamlined services.