Return on Investment
per minute*

Time and Motion Study

Our ongoing time and motion study involving a cross section of recent reviews has revealed the time requirement for our clients’ personnel at each step of the review process.

Our clients tell us it usually takes, on average, 30 minutes to create the “Accounts Payable Posting Report”. The best part is that this task may be fit in when it is most convenient during the weeks prior to the review.

*During our site visits, we recorded:
The length of the initial meeting to get
situated to start the review
The time required each day to answer
the reviewers’ questions
We averaged the clients’ time required
Divided the total gross recovery for the
sample group by these averages

The result is an astounding
$10,298.40 per hour*


Every outcome will be different, but whether staff time yields $50.00/minute or $250.00/minute, for their limited involvement, your organization will be well compensated.

We believe the exercise illustrates the potential profitability of a review, and that we keep our promise to limit our interactions with your staff.

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